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MachineGuidance.com.au is an online information portal dedicated to keeping you up-to-date on the advantages and challenges of using machine control technologies. Machine Guidance provides up-to-date information on all machine control products within the construction industry.

Often referred to as machine guidance, machine control or machine automation, whatever you name it utilising machine control technologies has proven results in both increasing productivity and saving construction time, leading to reduced costs for earthworks operations.

GPS Excavator Cutting Through Rock

About Us

About Us


The development of GPS positioning solutions along with more user-friendly and intuitive software has allowed for the widespread use of survey produces including the integration of surveying tools into construction machinery.

As this technology has become more accessible to construction projects both large and small, more and more individuals are seeking to learn more about machine guided construction  from clients and designers wishing to understand what their contractor is doing, to engineers and foreman who wish to learn more on the capabilities and applications of the technology, to small contractors and owner operators who are looking to integrate machine control services into their work methodologies.

MachineGuidance.com.au is not affiliated with any of the machine control product manufacturers nor with their distributors. Unlike similar websites, we wish to provide information on machine control as a whole rather than focus on promoting a specific brand or product.


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