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Machine guided construction is a continuously evolving art and new methods of utilising machine control to increase productivity are being developed all the time. Similarly, there are always challenges with the introduction of new technology to any industry and machine control users are discovering ways to effectively overcome these challenges.

The following articles provide in-depth information and learning's on various aspects of machine guided construction methods. Articles can be reviewed online and/or downloaded for future reference.

  • "Contractor Meets Challenges"

    GPS technology helps Warman Excavating succesfully upgrade a 10 kilometer road for a cozy country-style Canadian subdivision.

  • "Empowering the Operator"

    Leica Geosystems and UK contractor Conlon demonstrate how digital technology is empowering machine operators.

  • "Maldives Airport Expansion"

    China-based BUCG turns to machine guided construction to help deliver a $US440 million Maldives Airport expansion project.

  • "Concrete Paving Technology"

    Concrete contractors turn to technology for production-enhancing efficiencies and millimeter accuracy.

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