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There is a lot of excitement in the construction and mining industries about machine guidance (or machine control) and rightfully so! By integrating survey positioning tools into construction machinery of all types, users of this technology are realising massive increases in productivity which are resulting in more efficient and effective construction projects.

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Major Advantages of Machine Guided Construction

Advantages (in brief)

Total Station Grader with GPS Excavator

Machine Guided Construction 2

Advantages (in brief)

Pegless Construction: Replacing traditional survey staking with plant-mounted 3D-guidance results in significant cost benefits due to less survey field requirements and the elimination of earthworks grade checkers / stringlines.

Improved Accuracy: With constant design reference and blade automation, construction plant are able to achieve fewer errors and greater specification conformance, even with rookie operators at the wheel.

Increased Safety: As machine guidance removes the need for on-the-ground survey setout and construction crew string lining, there are less opportunities for potentially dangerous machine / ground-worker interactions.

Design Updates: The inevitability of design changes are easily and electronically updated with machine guided technologies, removing the delay of waiting for surveyors to replace setout stakes.

Find out more about both the advantages and challenges of machine guided construction here.

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