GPS Compaction Monitoring

Construction compaction is the process of mechanically removing air voids from placed material to achieve pavement strength and performance. GPS machine guidance systems can be used for viewing, recording, analysing and reporting project compaction status.

Published: November 2016


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Material compaction is an often under-rated and easily-dismissed construction process. And yet if it is not completed correctly, the impact on a project can be substantial. Uniform construction compaction is critical for increasing a surface's quality and operational life. 
To ensure adequate and uniform compaction, projects can engage the use of machine guidance monitoring systems.  Compaction systems can be configured to measure a range of metrics from machine pass counts to the ability of a material to resist deformation under a load. 
Machine guidance monitoring systems can be used to display current compaction status in real-time inside the machine cab. Simple colour scaling can help guide an operator to a compaction target and provide notification when suitable results have been achieved. 
With the help of GPS geographical positioning, compaction results can be positioned on a jobsite relative to a project design. Information can even be wirelessly transferred between individual compaction machines thus reducing over-compaction and optimising fuel and machine hours.
Compaction data can also be automatically transferred from a machine to a cloud-based server where it can be displayed and monitored using office software. This allows for further analysis and supervision of the on-site compaction status. 
On-Site Compaction Monitoring

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Off-Site Compaction Monitoring

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Compaction data can be stored and queried at any time. Some examples of the uses of recorded compaction data include:
           - Generate quality assurance reports against a construction specification or performance indicator. 
           - Confirm compaction of a project area prior to subsequent works. 
           - Document a compaction claim. 
           - Provide measureable evidence of completed compaction to substantiate a dispute involving re-works. 
By equipping project compaction equipment with machine guidance monitoring technology, projects can ensure constant feedback and consistent results. Instantly available compaction data will help to ensure projects are completed faster with greater quality and less rework. 
Impact Roller Compaction Monitoring



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