Machine Guidance in Action

The below compilation of videos demonstrate machine guided construction at work on real-life projects.

Cab-mounted displays provide operators with easy access to crucial positioning information while still maintaining the machine's traditional earthmoving tasks. Replacing traditional construction techniques with machine guidance not only makes construction easier but also dramatically improves accuracy and efficiency.

Thank-you to all those who have shared their videos and allowed us to see how machine guidance has improved their worksite. If you have any videos that you would like to contribute, please Contact Us.


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Cat Road Construction Productivity Study

In a recent study, Caterpillar put their Cat Connect Technology & Services to the ultimate test by building two roads side by side. One road uses traditional road construction processes while the other uses the latest machine guidance technologies. The results speak for themselves ...

2 Machine Control Graders Trimming Side-by-Side

Two Trimble UTS (Universal Total Station) survey instruments provide positioning data to two CAT 140H graders allowing them to trim pavement side-by-side to +/- 5mm accuracy. All without a survey peg or stringline in site.

GPS Grader - Machine Guided Pavement Preparation

Taking you inside the cab of a GPS Grader as it prepares some lower level pavement with the aid of machine guidance. The real time blade position is transfered inside the machine cab and compared to a design model, displaying the cut/fill difference. The operator can then guide the machine on-grade without the need for string lines or survey stakes.

GPS Machine Control Systems

A showcase of a variety of GPS machine control applications at work on construction sites.

Excavating Under Water

This GPS Excavator has been equipped with submersible sensors which allow it to maintain grade under the water - something that traditional staking and grade checking methods find very difficult. 

Leica 3D Power Grade

An in-cab demonstration of Leica's 3D Power Grader machine control grader system.

Topcon 3D-MC2 for Dozers

A contractors point of view of how equipping his Dozer with machine guidance is saving time and increasing accuracy on his jobs.

CoalConnect - Machine Control Project

With a project budget of $AU340 million and completed in 2012, the CoalConnect Alliance was part of QR National's biggest ever investment in rail infrastructure in Queensland, Australia. CoalConnect used over 40 machine-guided plant to move 3.16 million m3 of bulk earthworks and place pavement on over 167 km of rail line. This video celebrates the success of the project. Apart from the considerable amount of machine control products on display in the clip, note the distinct lack of survey stakes that would normally line a traditional worksite.

Southern Gateway Alliance - Machine Control Project

The Southern Gateway Alliance involved the construction of over 70km of Western Australia's Bunbury Highway. More than 9 million cubic metres of bulk earthworks was moved with the help of a fleet of machine guided plant that included 10 graders, 3 bulldozers, 2 loaders and 10 Supervisor Reference systems. This reduced the project's traditional survey requirements to just 1 office surveyor and 4 field surveyors.

Cat Excavator Grade Control - Production Study

This Cat production study compares two identical machines on the same digging job, one using Cat Grade Control 2D depth and slope technology and the other using traditional grading methods. The result - an increase in productivity by 35%, cost savings and better safety when using machine guidance!

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