Machine Guidance Animations

The below compilation of animated videos help to better understand some of the complex technology involved in integrating survey positioning techniques with construction machinery.

3D graphic programs are used to demonstrate how a machine's working components are integrated together into a seamless earthmoving system. They are also useful for visualising futuristic concepts that open our minds to what may be just around the corner ...


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Integrated Grade Control

Grade control systems are one of the basic methods of machine guidance technology. Manufacturers such as Caterpillar and John Deere are integrating this technology into their factory setups. These system can be easily upgraded either in the factory or aftermarket to enable the full utilisation of GPS, laser and/or total station 3D positioning techniques.

Futuristic Excavator Concept

A futuristic concept of the evolution of the construction excavator. Innovative products and techniques will continue to push the boundaries to find new ways of increasing construction productivity and safety.

Caterpillar Grader 3D Animation

An excellent animation on the new Caterpillar M-Series Graders. Although not shown on the video, CAT offer factory fitted machine control options that integrate the grader and machine guidance technologies using the same wiring harnesses and displaying operator messages for both systems on the same cab mounted display.

Caterpillar Grade Control for Excavators

See how Caterpillar's Grade Control system integrates with the machine to provide a machine guidance solution that will increase the efficiency, productivity and safety of your construction project.

Komatsu Intelligent Machine Control

See Komatsu's vision of their IMC Intelligent Machine Control solution for the machine guided construction sites of the near future!

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