Machine Guidance Principles

The below compilation of videos aim to explain some of the fundamental principles and theories behind machine control technologies and the positioning techniques that are utilised.

Understanding some of the techniques employed with the use of machine control can help users realise the full potential of using this method over traditional construction methods. These videos may also help you better understand the benefits of implementing a machine guided construction methodology.


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GPS Basics

This video provides general information on the history and various applications of the Global Positioning System.

GPS and Construction

A short and basic introduction into GPS satellite technology and its accuracy in construction applications.

GPS Positioning Principles

An explaination of the fundamental principles behind GPS positioning techniques.

Implementing Machine Control

An in-depth video by Sitech (Trimble rep) which discusses the advantages of machine control, the different types of machine guidance available as well as the productivity and profitability gains that can be achieved by construction operations. This video presentation is relatively lengthy but does provide comprehensive and informative details on machine guidance technologies.

Future of Construction

This video presentation by Topcon explains the companies latest products and visions of the future of machine guided construction.

Cat Excavator Grade Control

In this Cat Grade Control demonstration video, see the machine guidance operator display along with the excavator at work to see how the two work together to increase construction efficiency and productivity.

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